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Goat Addiction Chocolatemimosa

Heading 6
ADGA Number: PD1925560
DOB: 2/13/2018

D: B&J Ranch Anna

DS: Brandywine Farms Captain Kirk
DSD: Esperanza RF Jasmine
SS: CABrandywinfarms Jas' Mufasa
SSS: Take Heart Millicent Bystander

DD: Dream-Weaver's EMS Delilah

DDD: Dream-Weaver PC Tempest
DDS: Dream-Weaver SP Emmette
DSS: Take Heart Millicent Bystander

S: Cabrandywinfarms Martini VVV 86

SD: Castle Rock Jamaica Bay

SDD: Esperanza WS Sara
SDS: Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay
SSD: Esperanza RF Jasmine

Show Wins

1x GCH, 2x 2nd Place

Linear Appraisal

2021- VEEE 90
2022 Dry
2023 VEEE 91

Retained Progeny



Coming Soon!

Kidding History

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