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Sales &Pricing Policies



If you are interested in purchasing one of our goats, please use the form on our kidding schedule page to be added to the wait list or to make reservations. Reservations require a $100 deposit, we do not charge for waitlist. However, understand that reservations are filled first. When the kid of your choice is born and available, we will contact you within three days. If you accept the kid we require half of the cost of the kid due within 24 hours. We accept cash, Paypal and Venmo. Once the deposit is received we can schedule a pickup date. If the deposit is not received we will move on to the next person on our list. If you do not accept the kid, we do not refund the initial deposit. However, the deposit can be transferred to another kid born this year or a subsequent year. Deposit will only be returned if we cannot fill your reservation due to our retaining of the kid, death, illness, injury or death prior to possession being exchanged.


Kids from first fresheners generally start at $500. Kids from dams with additional freshenings will vary based on our assessment of potential. Kids born from AI will generally cost significantly more due to the additional cost of breeding, and most AI breedings are from bucks that are accomplished in varying ways. We try to be fair in our pricing, but there are many factors that go into that decision. Those factors include but are not limited to; confirmation, pedigree, milk production, show quality, linear appraisal scores, progeny accomplishments and potential. Both the doe and buck are evaluated with these factors and that will determine the price of the kid. This is an assessment of potential and we do not guarantee that any kid will live up to that potential. Breedings that you will see for a lower price, do not necessarily have less potential, however, the breeding may not have the data and/or factors that we utilize to access value.  


Buyer agrees to take possession of purchased animal on scheduled pickup date. If the animal is not picked up within 48 hours of a scheduled pickup date, buyer shall pay a $10/day boarding fee until pickup. If animal is not picked up within 30 days from scheduled pickup the deposit, rights to the animal and any paid monies shall be forfeited to the seller. We will work with transporters and will ship via Delta Cargo at buyer's expense, plus an additional $100 for our travel and preparation for transport if utilizing air transport. All animals must be paid in full before leaving our property, and any CVI required for travel is at buyer's expense. CVI cost charged by our vet is $95 total regardless of how many animals are on the CVI.

We hybrid raise, so kids can leave on a bottle once established, preferably 3-6 weeks after birth. Kids can also stay with dam until week 8 for bucklings, week 12 for doelings. We encourage you to continue to bottle feed until at least 16 weeks old via bottle for optimum kid health and growth. If you purchase multiple kids we will work with you regarding an appropriate pick up date.

Seller agrees upon date of sale and upon full payment of animal, Seller agrees to provide the ADGA registration papers and/or transfer of ownership form(s) to Buyer. Buyer agrees to complete the full transfer of ownership through ADGA and/or AGS (if applicable), at Buyer's expense within 30 days of date of sale and arrival of animal to your farm.


1. SELLER makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, including any guarantees to health, color, height, reproduction (other than the ADGA Recommended Trade Practices), show quality, milk production, scurs, etc. We do not offer any health or wellness guarantees after the goat has left our property since we cannot control the management of said goat(s) once it leaves our farm. We encourage BUYER to understand that travel and management change is stressful to said goat(s) and the BUYER is strongly encourage to make environment & feed transitions slowly to reduce stress to said goat(s).

2. SELLER guarantees said goat(s) is healthy at time of sale to the best of our knowledge and BUYER has the option and is encourage to review the condition and health of the goat, including any veterinary examinations or additional health testing at BUYER'S expense. Should the desire results not be obtained, reservations can be refunded or applied to another available goat.

3. All registration applications (ADGA) will be provided to BUYER at time of pick up, if applicable. Wethers will NOT come with ADGA registrations papers. All bucklings will be DNA'd at seller's expense.

4. All kids will be vaccinated, tattooed and/or castrated if applicable, and disbudded (unless previous arrangements have been made for horns) before leaving for their new homes. If you choose not to have your kid disbudded, we require full payment within 10 days of birth. They will also have all appropriate hoof trimming, vaccinations, and supplementation completed for their respective age(s).

5. Should a doe be sold as a pet, no registration paperwork will be transferred over.

6. Buyer understands breeding pairs may be changed at any time until breeding is confirmed. If doe is being bred via AI, 2 attempts to breed will be done, after that doe will be live covered.

7. We encourage you to request a back up breeding for your reservation and you will be added to our free wait list on that breeding. If the kid you reserved isn't available and you are on the waitlist for another breeding, you will be moved to the top of that waitlist.


8. If you choose to not be placed on the reservation list and opt for the waitlist instead, please understand that waitlist priority is given to buyers who have made a reservation, and that reservation was not filled and they choose a back up breeding.


9. If on the waitlist and you are offered a kid and choose to accept, the deposit requirements above will apply.

10. We reserve the right to retain any kid before reservations are filled at any time prior to increased deposit. We also reserve the right to refuse any sale at any time.

11. If you opt to use Paypal for payment, please either use Friends & Family, or add 4% to your payment to cover transaction fee.


12. We do not require a first right of refusal on all kids, however, there are instances where we would require this. This sale would be at original, or fair price (if goat has received show wins, milk stars, or other acccomplishments). For intact bucklings, we reserve the right to 30 straws of semen collection at cost for the collection. This may require you to take the buck to a local collection.

13. We do not sell individual goats unless you already have goats or are purchasing multiple goats. Goats are herd animals and will not thrive in an environment without other goats. No exception.

14. Kid replacements will be made if a genetic problem is found and medical proof is given. Examples of genetic problem would be extra teats or sterility. If a genetic problem is found, we will replace said kid with another kid from that year, or next kidding season. 

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