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**Disclaimer**: Nothing on this page, website, articles, or attachments shall be construed as or take place of veterinary advice. Please discuss all animal care with your veterinarian. These resources are the management practices that we follow and may or may not be the best practices for your animals and farm.

Baby Goat Care Sheet

Click on the picture below to access our basic baby goat care sheet.


Why Buy A Wether?

Here is a list of all of the reasons for why you need wethers in your life!

Wether flyer.jpg

Goat Medical Kit

List of all of the medical supplies that we keep on hand.


Bottle Feeding Schedule

Click on the picture to see the bottle feeding schedule that we follow on our farm.


Kidding Supply Kit

Our list of Kidding Supplies

Duffle Bag

Pedigree Quick Guide

DD, SSD, DSD? What does it mean?

pedigree im.jpg
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