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Goat Addiction Hpnotiq


Sequoia MTN CN Panda Bear


DD: B & J Ranch Anna

DS: Cabrandywinfarms Martini *S VVV86

S: Goat Addiction Stormy Elk *B

SD: GCH CRF Castle Rock Sun Saphire 2*M *D VVEV 88

SDS: CRF Castle Rock Cobalt *B*S

SS: Old Mountain Farm Swift Elk

D: Goat Addiction Mochatini EEEE 90

DDD: Dream-Weaver's EMS Delilah VVE+87

DDS: Cabrandywinfarms Captain Kirk

DSD: CH/MCH/PGCH Castle Rock Jamaica Bay 2*D VEEE 91

DSS: CH Cabrandywinfarms Jas'Mufasa

SDD: SG Dill's LD Remember 3*M 3*D

SSD: SGCH Old Mountain Farm shy Elk 2*M 2*D EEEE 92

SSS: CH Cu At Lil'Red Barn Speedy


D: Urban Acres Pantera

DD: Urban Acres SW Amedalia

DS: Urban Acres ASD Ace

S: Castle Rock Clark's Nutcracker +*B +VV 85

SD: GCH AGS Cloverdale YJ Blue Raven 1*M (VEEE 90)

SS: CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon

DDD: SGCH Urban Acres WC Madeline 2*M (EVEE 90)

DDS: Urban Acres Blue Skywalker +*B (VEE 88)

DSD: AGS Queen Anne's Lace 1*M

DSS: Algedi Farm MH Space Dust +*B

SDD: AGS Pecan Hollow Bonnie Blue VG

SDS: AGS Promisedland CP Yellow Jacket

SSD: SGCH AGS Castle Rock Once Ina Blue Moon 1*M

SSS: The Rosasharn TL Sitka Spruce +*B

Add: ADGA #, DOB, pedigree pictures, inbreed ratio, goat color, polled, moonspots, freshenings, progeny, retained progeny
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