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Owlhaven B Sugar Daddy


Kickapoo Creek 3SC Jamie 1*M


DD: SG Stayawhile NW Born and Raised 3*M (VVEE 90)

DS: Farm Oldsouth Soleil +*B

S: Dragonfly PS Rhapsody

SD: Dragonfly SOL Fantasia 2*M (EEEE 92)

SDS: Algedi Farm MH Solaris ++*B

SS: Dragonfly IH Poseidon

D: Joie De Vivre SOL Meriwether 4*M

DDD: SG Hidden Gems GK Southern Elegance 2*M (EEE+ 87)

DDS: SG Stayawhile TV Newsworthy +*B

DSD: SGCH NC Promisedland SIA Sunra 3*M (VEVE 89)

DSS: GCH Farm Oldsouth ZV Marquise +*B (VEE 90)

SDD: SG AGS Flat Rocks Here For The Party 1*M (EEEV 90)

SSD: SGCH Flat Rocks Charybdis (VEVE 90)

SSS: AGS Promisedland Incredible Hulk +B


D: Kickapoo Creek BTA Emberlyn

DD: Miniprints TM Cricket (VEEV 89)

DS: Poppy Patch Black Tie Affair (VEV 89)

S: Lost Valley FB 3 Step Cowboy (VVE 88)

SD: GCH AGS Hill Country's TB Tallulah B 2*M (+VVV 87)

SS: Lost Valley ML Fabian

DDD: AGS Miniprints April Sweet Pea (VEVV 88)

DDS: CRF Castle Rock Tiger Moon +*B

DSD: CH Poppy Patch HB Lady In Red

DSS: Poppy Patch RC Jiminy Cricket

SDD: AGS Lost Pines Alabama

SDS: AGS Lost Valley Taebo

SSD: GCH AGS Lost Valley KW Cassiopeia 4*M (VEEV 89)

SSS: AGS Lost Valley Malachi ++B

Add: ADGA #, DOB, pedigree pictures, inbreed ratio, goat color, polled, moonspots, freshenings, progeny, retained progeny
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