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Wood Bridge Farm Unbiased

Heading 6
ADGA Number: PD1751338
DOB: 04/10/2015

D: Atwood Acres LC Bell

DS: Atwood Acres FT Cyclone VEV 80
DSD: CH AGS Caesar's Villa STS Serendipity
SS: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Apache Wind ++*B EVE 90
SSS: GCH AGS Rosasharn UMT Pippin ++*B VVE 86

DD: SGCH AGS AGS Rebell Yell Liberty VEEV 90

DDD: AGS Casear's Villa CBS Cheyene
DDS: AGS Caesar's Villa FL Fable
DSS: CH AGS Twin Creeks BW Fathom This *B VVE 88

S: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Understated ++*B VEE 89

SD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Belladonna 1*M

SDD: CH Wood Bridge Farm Wisabella VVVE 89
SDS: Atwood Acres LC Harrison +B
SSD: GCH AGS Bombahook Acres HSRD Demi Plie 1*M VEEE 91

Show Wins

2019- 1st Place Udder and Best Udder In Show

Linear Appraisal

2022 - +AV+ 82 (Over-conditioned & half mammary dry due to 1 kid nursing)
2023 VEEE 91

Retained Progeny

Previous Progeny: Atwood Acres U Mohegan - 2022 RGCH. -Agape's Prize Kalista Quinn 2nd Mlace Yearling Milker 2019 ADGA National Show and 1x GCH, Atwood Acres Love Her Madly 1xJR GCH


Dam on the 2019 ADGA National Show 2nd Place Yearling Milker

Kidding History

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