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Twist Of Fate AS Remington

Heading 6
ADGA Number: D002257394
DOB: 4/27/2022

D: Cascade Valley AL Showmepeace

DS: SG Sugar Moon NS Alejandro
DSD: Sugar Moon RB Gianna
SS: Dill's ROR F I T With A Z"
SSS: Zanzabeez River On The Rocks

DD: Springwater BL ShowMeYourSlither

DDD: SG Springwater AL Show Me Ur stuff 5*M (+VVE 87)
DDS: Pholia Farm RD LA Bea Legend
DSS: Old Mountain Farm Nightshade

S: Goat Addiction Alabama Slammer *B

SD: GCH Dill's TS Tequila Sunrise 4*M VEEE 90

SDD: GCH/MCH Dill's TG Lucille Two 3*M VEVE 90
SDS: Dill's D Two Step +*B
SSD: SGCH/MCH Dill's XM Keena 4*M EEEE 92

Show Wins

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Linear Appraisal

2023 - GAGA 80 (FF)

Retained Progeny



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Kidding History

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