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On Goat Time HT Hermione

Heading 6
ADGA Number: PD1834925
DOB: 02/24/2016

D: SGCH Blythemoor Azeri 4*M EEEE 90

DS: SGCH Buttin'Heads Palimony ++*B (EEE 90)
DSD: GCH AGS Buttin'Heads Wedding Song 1*M (EEEE 91)
SS: Purple Camas Farm Fabio +B (EEE 91)
SSS: SGCH Mystic Acres Snapdragon +B

DD: SGCH Blythmoor SS Samse 3*M (EEEE 90)

DDD: SGCH Blymoor HW Spice 2*M (VEEV 90)
DDS: SGCH AGS Mystic Acres Snapdragon +B
DSS: Buttin'Heads Pajamars ++B

S: SG Elfin Acres F Highland Thistle +*B

SD: SCGH The Lilac Twinkletoes 1*M (EEV 91)

SDD: Toehead Royale Riley
SDS: AGS Inavale Mel Gibson
SSD: AGS Axulia Nerfertiti

Show Wins

Coming Soon!

Linear Appraisal

2021 - V+EV 86, 2022 - DRY

Retained Progeny

2021- Joie De Vivre Enchanted Tails, 2022 - Twist Of Fate AS Bewitched


Hermione definitely has an impressive pedigree! Hermione is a big girl that has great depth of body and scored V+EV 86. Hermione's dam is SGCH Blythemoor Azeri 4*M who scored an EEEE 90 as a 3year old as well as being awarded her SGCH. Hermione is showing the same milking capabilities as this being her first milk test easily earned her 5*M. Her sire SG Elfin Acres F Thighland Thistle +*B also made his way to the Elite list and has sired many daughters that also received their SG status. Hermione will be on milk test a full year in 2022 and we will see what she can accomplish!

Kidding History

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