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Lil Miss B Haven WM Be'Amazed

Heading 6
ADGA Number: PD2087516
DOB: 02/23/2020

D: Lil Miss B Haven Bewitched 3*M

DS: Wood Bridge Farm Bearnecessity +*B
DSD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Scarlet Rose 1*M (VEVE 90)
SS: Castle Rock Rain Maker ++*B
SSS: AGS CRF Castle Rock Mr. Lincoln +B

DD: SGCH Wood Bridge Farm Hocus Pocus 2*M (VVEE 90)

DDD: GCH Wood Bridge Too PracticalMagic 1*M
DDS: Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn +*B
DSS: Wood Bridge Farm Bear Claw +*B

S: TX Twincreeks RM Watermark +B (VVV 86)

SD: CH Twincreeks PKM Brown Betty

SDD: GCH AGS Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil 1*M (EEEE 92)
SDS: AGS Piddlin Acres PV Pokemon ++B
SSD: SGCH Algedi Farm H Purple Rain 4*M (VEEV 90)

Show Wins

2021 - 1st place in large yearling milking class @ Motherlode - Angel's Camp

Linear Appraisal

2021 - +VVA 83 FF
2022 – Not Appraised
2023 – VVVV 87

Retained Progeny

2022- Twist Of Fate AS Be'Wilder


Mazie is another stunning Watermark daughter. Watermark was the 2021 ADGA National Show Premier Sire, he was also the sire of the 2021 ADGA National Reserve Champion, the 2021 ADGA National Reserve Junior Champion. Mazie's dam is Lil Miss B Haven Bewitched 3*M who was the 8th place junior milker at the 2019 ADGA National Show.

Kidding History

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