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Kickapoo Creek HP Gypsy Rose

Heading 6
ADGA Number: PD2131866
DOB: 03/22/2020

D: Kickapoo Creek 8S Doriana Rose EVEE 90

DS: SG Dill's Rd 8 Seconds +*B AVV 81
DSD: GCH Dill's Lucille Two 3*M VEVE 90
SS: Wood Bridge Farm Valedictorian *B
SSS: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Understated VEE 89 +++*B

DD: AGS Artisan China Rose (EEE+ 87)

DDD: AGS Desertwinds Fancy Blue China
DDS: AGS Desertwinds Van Dyck Brown
DSS: SG NC Promisedland MS River Dance ++++*B

S: Alethia V Hall Pass *B

SD: Alethia M Dew Lee Noted 6*M VEEE 91

SD: SGCH Algedi Farm DJ Honey Dew 5*M EEEE 91
SDS: Gyphon St Moby *B +VE 83
SSD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Teachers Pet 1*M

Show Wins

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Linear Appraisal

2021 - DRY, 2021 VVVV 85

Retained Progeny

2021 - Stony Point Acres HK Hannah Duston


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Kidding History

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