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Goat Addiction Pink Whitney

Heading 6
ADGA Number: D002152591
DOB: 1/31/2021

D: Goat Addiction Sunday

DS: CABrandywinfarms Martini
DSD: Castle Rock Jamaica Bay
SS: CU At Lil'Red Barn Speedy"
SSS: MI Sugarcreek WM Yogi

DD: B & J Ranch Anna

DDD: Dream-Weaver's EMS Delilah
DDS: Brandywine Farms Captain Kirk
DSS: CABrandywinfarms Jas'Mufasa

S: Old Mountain Farm Swift Elk

SD: Old Mountain Farm Shy Elk

SDD:; Old Mountain Farm Mila Quinn
SDS: Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk
SSD: Old Mountain Farm Immediately

Show Wins

1x Jr GCH (Dry leg)

Linear Appraisal

2023 - VVVG 85 (FF)

Retained Progeny



Coming Soon!

Kidding History

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