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Goat Addiction Honey Dew Me

Heading 6
ADGA Number: PD2151130
DOB: 12/31/2020

D: Dill's BJ Qwirky

DS: Dill's TS Banjo
DSD: Dill's XM Keena
SS: Zanzabeez River On The Rocks
SSS: Dill's PL Patron

DD: Dill's GA Whimsy

DDD: Dill's XM Pansy
DDS: Dill's BF Genuine Article
DSS: Dill's D Two-Step

S: Dill's ROR F I T With A Z

SD: Dill's XM Keena

SDD: Dill's LD Remember
SDS: MI Sugarcreek TW Tune's XM
SSD: Zanzabeez BC At The Rivers End

Show Wins

Coming Soon!

Linear Appraisal

2022 - FF - VVVV 85
2023 – Not Bred
2024 – Coming Soon!

Retained Progeny

2022- Joshua Farm Crzy Ex-Girlfriend


Coming Soon!

Kidding History

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