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Castle Rock Firn VVEE 90

Heading 6
ADGA Number: PD1726133
DOB: 3/11/2015

D: SGCH AGS Castle Rock Blizzard 1*M VEEE 91

DS: AGS Lost Valley KW Stetson +B
DSD: AGS Hill Country's Likeaphenomenon
SS: SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage ++*B
SSS: Castle Rock Tanzanite +*B

DD: AGS Castle Rock Snowfluryceanothus

DDD: GCH AGS Esperanza WS Sara 1*M VVEV 87
DDS: AGS Cornerstone Farm GN's Nahbi
DSS: AGS Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood

S: Castle Rock Moonraker ++*B

SD: GCH CRF Castle Rock Moon River 2*M EEEE 91

SDD: SGCH AGS Castle Rock Once Ina Blue Moon 1*M VVEV 86
SDS: The Rosasharn TL Sitka Spruce ++*B
SSD: SGCH AGS CRF Castle Rock Alum Root 1*M VEEE 91

Show Wins

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Linear Appraisal

2019 - VVEE 90, 2021 DRY, 2022 DRY

Retained Progeny



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Kidding History

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