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2024 Nigerian Dwarf Reservation Form

Please read through our Sales Agreement and then complete the reservation form at the end of the page. We allow for two different types of reservations. Paid reservations require a $100 NON-Refundable deposit as well as a wait list reservation that will be first come first called once kids are born. 

Sales Agreement

Sales & Pricing Policies

Baseline Pricing Schedule

DAM ACHIEVEMENT                                                      PRICE

Base Price (FF - First Freshner)                                         $450

Base Price (2nd or more freshning)                                  $500


RGCH win (each), and/or                                                   $25

Champion Leg (each), or                                                   $50

Best Udder and/or BIS                                                       $50

RGCH Restricted Leg                                                         $25

Restricted GCH Leg (Junior/Dry Doe)                              $50

Unrestricted RGCH                                                             $75

Unrestricted GCH Leg (Doe In Milk)                                 $100

Permanent Championship (in lieu of other legs)             $250


Advanced Registry Milk Star *M                                        $50

Generational stars _*M ea                                                  $25

Star Registry Milk Star *M                                                   $25

ADGA Elite Doe                                                                  $100

NOTES ABOUT PRICING: The above pricing schedule is what we use to baseline price our kids. Kids may be more or less based on confirmation, pedigrees, AI breedings and other factors. We reserve the right to alter and adjust pricing at any time, before and after birth. This schedule can also be changed at anytime.



If you are interested in purchasing or reserving one of our goats, please use the form below. We do not charge a deposit in advance to be added to our wait list. When the kid of your choice is born and available, we will contact you within three days. If you accept we will charge a $100 non refundable deposit, due within 24 hours. We accept cash and Paypal. Once the deposit is received we can schedule a pickup date. If the deposit is not received we will move on to the next person on our list. Deposit will only be returned if we cannot fill your reservation due to our retaining of the kid, death, illness, injury or death prior to possession being exchanged. Preference will be given to performance herds. Seller reserves the right to retain any kid ahead of any reservations.


Buyer agrees to take possession of purchased animal on scheduled pickup date. If the animal is not picked up within 48 hours of a rescheduled pickup date, buyer shall pay a $5/day boarding fee until pickup. If animal is not picked up within 30 days from arranged pickup, rights to the animal and any paid monies shall be forfeited to the seller.

Seller agrees upon date of sale and upon full payment of animal, Seller agrees to provide the ADGA registration papers and/or transfer of ownership form(s) to Buyer. Buyer agrees to complete the full transfer of ownership through ADGA and/or AGS (if applicable), at Buyer's expense within 30 days of date of sale.


1. SELLER makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, including any guarantees to health, color, height, reproduction (other than the ADGA Recommended Trade Practices), show quality, milk production, scurs, etc. We do not offer any health or wellness guarantees after the goat has left our property since we cannot control the management of said goat(s) once it leaves our farm. We encourage BUYER to understand that travel and management change is stressful to said goat(s) and the BUYER is strongly encourage to make environment & feed transitions slowly to reduce stress to said goat(s).

2. SELLER guarantees said goat(s) is healthy at time of sale and BUYER has the option to review the condition and health of the goat, including any veterinary examinations or additional health testing at BUYER'S expense. Should the desire results not be obtained, reservations can be refunded or applied to another available goat.


3. All registration applications (ADGA) will be provided to BUYER at time of pick up, if applicable. Wethers will NOT come with ADGA registrations papers, but an ADGA Certificate of Identitiy can be provided by request.


4. All kids will be vaccinated, tattooed and/or castrated if applicable, and disbudded (unless previous arrangements have been made for horns) before leaving for their new homes. They will also have all appropriate hoof trimming, vaccinations, and supplementation completed for their respective age(s).


5. Kids can leave once established on a bottle to experienced homes. Otherwise kids may leave between 6-8 weeks after birth. Please expect to have plans in place for pickup or transportation at that time.

6.Health certifications and any testing required are the responsibility of the buyer. If the seller pays up front for these costs, buyers agrees to reimburse the seller within 48 hours of paid receipt.

7. We will air transport kids for an additional $100 fee due to travel time from the airport. Air Shipping crate will be purchased by us and buyer agrees to reimburse the seller as above, within 48 hours of paid receipt. 

8. Complete payment and all reimbursements to seller shall be paid prior to the kid leaving our property. Seller will work with buyer to book flight within 2 weeks of departure. Buyer responsible for all transportation costs as specified above.

9. We do not sell goats to homes that do not own other goats, unless buyer is purchasing more than one goat. Goats are herd animals and we will not sell goats to anyone wishing to only keep one goat.

10. We welcome new buyers, as well as 4H and FFA buyers. We offer discounts on multiples as well as discounts for 4H/FFA buyers. Once you have purchased a goat from us, we are always happy to help and answer any questions you have. We want all of our goats to thrive in their new homes and are happy to support that as we can.

By purchasing any goat from us you are acknowledging and agreeing to all of the terms above.


E on Mammary (Linear Appraisal)                                       $50

Score 90+ (Linear Appraisal)                                                $50​


Superior Genetics (SG) Designation                                 $100


Star Buck *B                                                                          $25

Plus Buck (+B)                                                                       $50

Score 90+ (Linear Appraisal)                                                $50

Finished Champion                                                             $100

SG Designation                                                                     $50

Elite Sire Award                                                                     $50

Earned by Buck's Dam

Dam is final score 90+                                                          $25

Dam has SG Designation                                                     $25

Dam awarded ADGA Elite Status                                        $25

Dam is finished champion                                                    $50​



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2024 Nigerian Dwarf Reservation Form

Complete this form to make your reservations. Once received, we will contact you to confirm reservations.
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